Neural network example: teachable machine, by Google

What & how? All answers are here!

On this case we tried to make an example of a teachable machine using google's teachable machine, it's boilerplate template version, to be precise.

This is a very basic and easy approach to machine learning that is available for anybody with basic skills in html, a way of learning how AI works and what it can be used for.

  1. Absolute beginner's approach: Google's Online Teachable Machine

  2. First things first, if you are new to this topic or have abslutely no idea about coding, we suggest you open the website "" first in order to see instantly a simple example of an AI experiment. The fun part of it is that it allows you to play with it and be creative.

    Pretty cool, right? You could even make your hand moo just by using that webpage -no download required or coding skills required!

  3. A slightly deeper example: teachable-machine's boilerPlate template

  4. Now, assuming that you have had fun fooling around with that experiment, we'll try and run an AI algorithm in a slightly more complex way, "digging" a bit more into the topic and how it works. For our next example we'll try to run the teachable machine on our own computer by downloading the boilerPlate template made for it. It really simplifies the task and makes it easer for everybody (from beginners to absolute pros).

    This time we'll have a bit more software to install, but there is no need to worry -we'll cover how to do it on this article!
    You'll need:

    1. Download both of the required files (the boilerplate and the NodeJS).
    2. On the GitHub page for the boilerplate template, read the README and execute those orders on your console before opening the index of the BoilerPlate.

    Note: in my case, even though I have errors while executing the orders on NodeJS, the boilerPlate works anyway, even though it gives me an error.